Online Sports Medicine Degrees and Programs

If you are thinking about pursuing a sports medicine degree and need some flexibility with your schedule, you may be a good candidate for one of the man online sports medicine degree programs available at accredited colleges around the country. An online degree program for this field is typically only partially completed online. Students will still need to attend a campus to complete their clinical work and get some hands-on experience in the field. Still, an online program can make it easier for students who may have a long commute or have other responsibilities while finishing school.

Types of Sports Medicine Degree Programs

Most employers require applicants to have at least a bachelor's degree in sports medicine for entry-level positions. Students enrolled in a bachelor's sports medicine degree program must attend lectures and seminars, complete classroom-based coursework, fulfill clinical education requirements, and also take some field work courses. A bachelor's degree in this field can prepare the student for a position as an athletic trainer and many are also qualified to work in rehabilitation centers, sports facilities, clinics, and fitness centers.

A master's degree in sports medicine prepares students to earn their license. Graduate level studies include research coursework, a clinical practicum, and supervised clinical studies. An online sports medicine degree at the graduate level makes sense for a lot of students who may be working part-time. Graduates with a master's degree in sports medicine are qualified to work in rehabilitation centers, athletic facilities, schools, and clinics.

Some professionals with a master's degree in this field want to further their education and become a medical doctor by pursuing a doctoral degree in sports medicine. Doctoral degrees are designed for those who are interested in getting their medical license and students must attend medical school and complete all relevant training to become an M.D.

How Online Sports Medicine Degree Programs Work

Unlike some other online degree programs, a sports medicine degree cannot be completed entirely online. Online sports medicine degree programs are designed for students who want to complete a portion of their degree from the comfort of home. Online programs are typically only offered at the master's degree level. Students will need to complete a campus-based bachelor's degree from an accredited school and then apply for graduate level studies.

Working adults and busy parents are usually good candidates for an online degree program because the student can attend a campus or training center for clinical work and hands-on training requirements, and attend lectures virtually from any location. Many schools require students to complete an on-campus residency at the end of their online program. Students typically take online courses in sports nutrition, sports psychology, assessment techniques, rehabilitation techniques, and body composition in this format.

Online degree programs require students to work independently and follow a self-study format for the majority of their training. This may involve downloading and reviewing materials from a virtual classroom each week, submitting assignments online, participating in discussion forums, and communicating with instructors and students via email.